FAQs – What’s holding you back from working with a coach?

Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 common thoughts holding you back from working with a coach


1.   What is a Coach?

A Coach is someone who helps you define your goals and the obstacles that are stopping you from achieving them.

Through training and experience, they can then help you maximise your potential by overcoming those obstacles and create the action steps to achieve your goals.

2.   Do I need a Coach?

A Coach provides some ingredients that you just can’t add on your own (I promise you, your brain just isn’t wired to, no matter how hard you try).

a)   A Listening ear. Someone to truly hear you, without judgement, in confidence. Your family and friends love you, but sometimes they don’t have the time, don’t have the capacity or simply give advice wanting to protect you … when you just really need to be heard.

b)  Perspective. We all know the woods for the trees saying and it’s true, when you are in a situation, gaining clarity on what you want for yourself can be almost impossible. Especially when we care about those around us and want to make them happy as a priority.

c)   Accountability. Have you ever read a Self-help book & thought ‘Wow this is fantastic’ … only to fall into the natural rhythm and routine of your life without implementing a single thing you learnt? This is 100% normal!

Not only is our brain wired to do the same as we’ve done for who knows how long (habits) but also it wants to protect us and ‘new’ = scary – so it naturally avoids it. Having a partner to help keep you on the road you desire is absolutely key to success in new thinking, desires, habits and achieving new goals.

3.   Does a Coach provide Therapy or Counselling?

In a word No.

A Coach’s role is to look forward with you, understanding some aspects of your life to now which are impacting you, but without trying to solve or work through them directly. A Coach focuses on you, what is within your abilities and control. Not on other people, healing old relationships or wounds.

4.   What are your qualifications?

a)   I have qualified with the iNLP Centre as a Master in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and as a Life Coach.

This gives me a foundation of techniques and understanding about how your brain is wired to help you make changes.

It also brings structure to how we work together to keep you focused and on track.

b)  I am also an experienced Business Partner in Commercial Finance – being a confident to Board level executives and mentoring my developing teams in a number of industries.

c)   I am a qualified Chartered Accountant under ICAEW, who I am also a registered Business Finance Professional – recognising by business acumen.

d)  Not forgetting my ‘Why’; which is a core value to help others, provide them with the clarity and courage to be who they want and live the life that brings them joy.

e)  You can also read some Testimonials on how I’ve helped clients.

Top 10 common thoughts holding you back from working with a coach

1.   Money

It’s too expensive. You can’t afford it.

Let me ask, what is your personal development or growth worth to you?

If money wasn’t an object would you be hesitating?

How do you value getting what you want from life? Getting back to you? Success?

When did you last put money into something that was purely for your own growth? The path you want to tread?

I charge what I believe I am worth, what I know I give in time and effort to you, both during & around our sessions, to help you become the person you want to be. Believe you’re worth it.

2.   Time

You’re too busy. You don’t have the time.

Really? All the above money Q’s apply! Time is ours to do what we want with, we chose our priorities. Honour yourself by making yourself a priority.

& I’ll help you find the time, carve it out, plan it in – I’m an organisational ninja.

With the session timings, I can be flexible & work around your schedule.

I can also pop up between sessions to remind you – YOU can come first & you ARE worth it.

3.   Why Tory Offord?

Great coaching comes from a great relationship, so you should absolutely make sure you chose the right person for you. Here are some ways you can check out if that’s me;

a.   Read ‘My Story’

b.   Watch/Listen to me

c.   See some Testimonials

d.   Check me out on the ‘Socials’

e.   Skip all the thinking & book a Free Discovery call

Book a free 20 minute Discovery Call

4.   You’ve tried coaching/therapy/counselling before. It’s not for you.

Maybe you tried the wrong thing or the wrong person. Coaching is about looking and moving forward, have you tried to do that & failed? That’s where a coach can help.

& As noted above coaching is about the relationship between you & your coach. If it’s not right, it won’t work!!

a.   I’m different, I’m no BS, no one size fits all, but an honest, tailor-made approach to each & every individual client.

b.   Weigh up staying right here where you are now FOREVER or trying again.

c.   Read what my clients say

d.   Book a Free Discovery call & lets get acquainted before you waste time or money.

5.   Isn’t having a Coach a bit ‘woo-woo’?

If you wanted to move a heavy, awkward piece of furniture that despite all your efforts and attempts, you simply can’t do on your own … would you ask for someone else to come help? You might know what you want to do, where you want to go, maybe even the how … but that doesn’t mean it’s always entirely possible on your own.

Doesn’t that apply to your life? Even more so if you don’t know the what/where! So what’s the harm in asking for help? That’s not woo-woo, that’s common sense, intelligent even.

a.   If someone else thinks it’s woo-woo – Why do you care what other people think?

b.   I had the same thoughts … until I got coaching and suddenly my life became simpler and easier. Now I talk to anyone who wants to about it … and my experience of that? 9 times out of 10 ‘Ah yeah I know someone who had a coach … said it helped them massively’. the other 1 in 10? What’s a Coach do?

c.   Coaches provide; non-judgemental listening, accountability and the ability to help you see & get beyond your comfort zone. Things proven to be unachievable on your own. Statistically speaking you’re more likely to ‘Go further, faster’ with a coach (Michael Hyatt) – is that ‘woo-woo’?

d.   Name a sportsperson who is No.1 in the world … go check out if they have a coach, someone they pay to continually improve them, even though they are undeniably at the top of their game … does that sound ‘woo-woo’?

e.   At the end of the day, I value privacy & client confidentiality above all … I’m not about to tell anyone & you don’t have to either. Book a Free Discovery call with me today & make your own mind up.

6.   You don’t know what the issue is.

Well if ever there was an exact reason to talk to a coach … Book a discovery call.

7.   You just want someone to tell you what to do.

Really? Truly? Yes if it’s what cycle to put the washing machine on, or how to figure out the new ridiculously technically thing you phone just handily updated on your behalf. Time efficiencies, tricks and tips to improve little niggles or time drains quickly = awesome. But do you really want someone else to tell you what to do with your life? How to make yourself happy?

Really? OK then … if you want to walk through your life mindlessly and without cause, I’m not the one for you!

8.   You need actionable steps, not to ‘talk about your feelings’.

I couldn’t agree more. Whilst how you feel plays a huge role in the ‘why’ you do the things you do, coaching is not therapy. It’s not about getting to the route cause of the why / how you got to here but how you move on from here. About figuring out the action you can take to get to where you want to go.

Lets create that action plan – move forward.

9.   You just need a quick fix.

Consider your age, today, now as you read this. That’s how long it’s taken to build you. Your beliefs and the limits that are holding you back. Your core values that drive your every thought and behaviours. The ‘don’t even realise you are doing them’ habits.

If you want a ‘quick fix’ – read a blog, google it. Free hints and tips that might get you over a small bump in the road today are at the touch of a button.

But if you want to see real, tangible, lasting results, it’s going to take time and effort.

If you skip either one, I 99% guarantee failure to make a change. That’s just me being honest.

10.   You can talk to your friends, family, significant other for free.

Cool – I’m glad to hear it. Having a healthy, supportive network (that can be just 1 person) is great. But what do they want for you? … What’s best for you or them?

To keep you safe & protected – no doubt? But what happens inside your comfort zone?

Can you think of an example where they’ve provided real clarity on exactly what you should do next that’s aligned with what you wanted?

Can you be 100% honest with them without the fear of judgement?

Do they have the time to solely focus on you? Without need or ask for anything back?

Do they help you figure out what you need, without their own opinion or judgement coming in?

Our loved ones LOVE us, no doubt, but sometimes they don’t have the time, the knowledge or they just don’t want you to get hurt, so are adverse to anything that is new or different. That’s when you need an impartial, non-judgemental cheerleader to be there for you.

I would love to start working with you. Why not go ahead and schedule a Discovery Call with me.

I could ‘try before I buy’ and get to meet you first for a session before purchasing a block of X amount of sessions with a stranger that I may not have felt able to open up to. Casey

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