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Self worth, supporting you to value yours - Coaching with Tory

1:1 – Let’s do this; commit to yourself and The Confidence Club (The CC).

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1:1 in-depth, confidential discussions about who you want to show up as and how we’re going to get you there.

We’ll really dive into where you are right now, what’s stopping you like a massive brick wall from becoming who you want to be. For example time, support, other people’s opinions, not being happy with what you see in the mirror, not feeling worthy. And then how we can start to bring that wall down brick by brick.

Perfect for you if you have something ‘more’ you want to accomplish but aren’t quite sure what. You want to FEEL you can go after something purely for yourself but need a cheerleader. Are holding back from making big decisions because of the impact it will have on those around you. You don’t know how to keep your friends and family on side, but in your gut know you were made for more.

Confidence, supporting you to build yours - Coaching with Tory

Bite-size coffee sesh’s – The Confidence Boost Elixir

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Quick let’s get to the root of the issue and figure out where to go next. Perfect if you’re looking at your next career move, getting back into dating again or just know you have what it takes. All you need is that friend to help boost you over a few tricky hurdles. Or blocks that you just don’t understand!

Self-confidence, supporting you to build yours - Coaching with Tory

Message me; Confidence Quick Fix; ‘Call -> To Action’.

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Let’s figure out if you like me & can benefit from working with me, with no pressure. The ‘right fit’ is so important when it comes to getting the right support that you KNOW can be there for you.

Individual (or discounted multi Q). Perfect for when you have an interview, big meeting, presentation or date coming up. You know you want to show up to as the best version of yourself.

Self worth, supporting you to value yours - Coaching with Tory

Free Discovery chat

 Book a free 20 minute Discovery Call

20 mins – at a time to suit you, however you’d like them e.g. Video or voice call, or via messenger.

Let’s figure out if I can support you in the way you need. If not I’ll be honest & point you in a direction where you might find a better resource, save you money and frustration (both of which will drain you otherwise).

Whilst you are thinking more about how coaching can help you, I would love you to start focusing on YOU right now!

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