Do you want to be more decisive? The Choice is yours

How to be more decisive

I had the opportunity to ‘Go Back’ to an old job and it brought up lots of thoughts about whether this was right for me? What would other people think? Did the last few years mean nothing if I went back? Would I be seen as a different or the same person? Would I be able to offer new skills now or would I be stuck in old ways of thinking? It made me draw upon my own methods on how to be more decisive and confident in the choice I made.

I’ve definitely been one for a ‘Forwards’ momentum. If I make a mistake it = a learning opportunity. I try not to beat myself up about it (at least not for too long) & when faced with a decision, I pro & con it out and I am decisive, I don’t dwell, I don’t overanalyse – I make a choice.

This particular decision put the whole process of my decision making at the forefront of my thinking; how do I make decisions, how I trust myself in making good choices and how I use my past to learn, grow and improve my choice-making ability, to create a circular pattern to improve my confidence in the process.

Here are some tips from my experience you can try, if you’re looking to improve your decision making and learn how to be more decisive.

How to be more decisive

1. You are; Overwhelmed by Choice

Apparently you will make 35,000 decisions today, tomorrow, the next day … Most completely unconsciously or with very little thought.

Now, there is no bypassing that some decisions are damned hard, but it should be no surprise that due to the sheer volume you need to make, it can feel overwhelming even when it is just what to have for dinner tonight.

So, know when to:

Accept you will get decision fatigue – where you just can’t make another choice today & sleep on it.

OR; See the wood for the trees, not every decision is life or death, so don’t make it so!

OR; Pro & Con it out, write it down, list the + & the (-) & on the sheer balance of what you can plainly see – choose.

2. Trust your Gut

It’s something you’ve likely heard before, many times, and your gut is scientifically your 2nd brain – linked by the ‘Gut-Brain Axis‘. They are connected physically & biochemically, the biggest connection being the Vagus nerve which sends signals back & forth.

So how to trust your gut: Listen to it! Heed those butterflies.

Did you know worry and excitement are felt in the exact same way. So you need to start to distinguish one from the other by connecting what your brain thinks about the situation. Don’t assume your gut is telling you to be anxious e.g. Think First Date ‘nerves’ … Are they not excitement for the possibility of what could happen also?

3. Celebrate Success

There is one thing missing from your decision making armoury (& probably every toolkit you need in life): Celebration of your wins.

Take the time out after making a hard decision to recognise the fact you did. Then, reflect; did it have the result you wanted? How did it make you feel? Would you make the same decision again? If not why not?

By actively reflecting, you allow yourself to make more informed decisions the next time which = better decisions. & The more you do it? Like anything, the more successful you’ll get at it.

So, as my clients will no doubt repeat after me: Celebrate Success.

4. Move On!

You could ALWAYS have done something differently – So What? Over analysing, overthinking (= overstressing), going down rabbit holes of alternate possible universes … Will never change the past. & If all of those things prevent you from making a choice in the first place – what are you missing out on?

Perfection doesn’t exist so don’t expect it of yourself in every choice you make. What’s the worst-case scenario in any decision you make? In most cases; that you end up right back here where you are now … So what have you got to lose?

As for my decision; I wrote down all the =+/-, I trusted my gut & made a decision … The right one? Absolutely, because I took control of it.

How to be more decisive? I can help you.

If you’d like further support in how to be more decisive, schedule a discovery call with me. We can chat about what options are available to you to build your confidence in your decision-making process.

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