How my coaching can help you

“A Coach helps you go further, faster

Michael Hyatt

❇️ If you were in physical pain, you’d go to a Dr, Dentist, physiotherapist …

❇️ When you have a leak from a pipe you can’t fix, you know to call a plumber …

❇️ When your oven fuse blows and you can’t access it safely, you call an electrician … (don’t call my Husband … seriously!).

❇️ When you are stuck in your life, your head, your thoughts, on how to move forward, you should call a coach.

So, are you wondering how coaching can help you?

Think of the top sportsperson in your field of choice. For an example think about Women’s Tennis player Serena Williams. She has spent 319 weeks at the No.1 spot over the duration of her career … she has a coach.

But do I need a Coach or a Therapist?

If there is something you need to heal from, a past event, a traumatic event, something in your life that keeps pulling you back into your past, you need a Therapist or a Counselor. Just like when you know a bone is broken and you need a Dr to cast it, a therapist can help you unravel the wound and start to heal it with you.

Coaching is about moving forward, knowing you want something different, something more, but not knowing how to get there.

Why can’t you coach yourself? Good Question. With a million self help books available at the click of a mouse …

My A is: Because you can’t hold yourself accountable. You can read and digest but your subconscious will process it & tick it off as ‘to done’ before you actually implement anything.

Secondly, because your ‘Comfort Zone‘ protects you from pain, embarrassment, the unknown. It has had your entire lifetime to build a set of rules and structure to keep you protected, safe, & rightly so! You can’t just go against this on your own.

How coaching can help you

When was the last time you invested in YOU?

I’m not talking about clothes, skincare, makeup or lifestyle.

I’m talking about a new skill, new qualification, new experience or new life direction.

Something that causes change and growth within you.

What working with me looks like

No bullshit, if you don’t like an honest answer, don’t work with me.

I’m a coach first & foremost so I’m not here to give you the answers – I’m here to help you figure out what it is that you want. But if you want my advice? I’m happy to give it.

I don’t switch off when our call ends. This isn’t a transactional relationship to me, I’m not wired that way. I care & I want you to feel empowered to take action in your life, for yourself. I want you to succeed.

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Do I have a Coach?

Yes. Absolutely. a) I’d be a hypocrite if not & b) I genuinely benefit from them every time I talk to them.

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