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My Story

If you had asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would have said ‘A Nurse’. But it didn’t take me long to figure out I couldn’t stand the sight of blood! So I switched tack and became an Accountant, naturally.

Well… technically I then wanted to be Ally McBeal. However, upon finishing my Law Degree I had fallen out of love with that idea. So I answered an ad in a newspaper (how old am I?) to become an Accountant, because it offered on the job training #geek & by some fluke, I fell in love with it.

What it actually turned out above all was that I loved the people. Helping my team develop and grow into their desires. Driving accountability in colleagues stuck in self-doubt & coaching the senior stakeholders like a confidant. People make our lives go round, our businesses go round and should come first.

We invest in developing products, we invest in developing systems, but we don’t invest in developing ourselves or our people. We hold it aloft as a strategic pillar and dangle it in front like a hook to prove it’s importance. However, when it comes to time, money and priorities – personal development falls to the bottom of the pile.

We need now, more than ever, to put ourselves first and put people first. Mentor. Coach. Develop. (This is my Soap Box moment!).

About Me Tory Offord

Key things to know about me:

My family consists of my No.1 The Hubster (legally contracted to say that), No.2 Millie, the Feline elder of the household who has been in our live’s over a decade and No.3 Banksy the Heart-shaped nosed Beagle. He’s from Bristol & definitely a rebel so the name is befitting. Banksy is the newest addition and keeping me on my toes (rarely achieved).

We live in the beautiful English countryside, not far from the City of Bristol and I truly call this part of the world Home. Yet my biggest love is travelling. Whether within all the wondrous places to visit within the UK or further afield. My Top places for sure are Costa Rica (which totally stole my heart) and Italy – my most returned to destination. Above all the Food, Wine, the People, the Rolling hills and endless Warm days of Sunshine keep me going back time after time.

I’m 2 parts Geek and proud of it.

Firstly, I have a Law Degree, Accountancy Qualification and 3 Yoga certifications on top of my Coaching credentials (have I mentioned the Geek part?. So feel free to call me Tory LLB, FCA, BFP, NLP etc. …

Or you can call me by one of my favoured Nicknames. ‘Fun Time Tory’ or ‘The Brick’ – both coined at work.

You can get to know me a little more in this podcast.

My Superpowers

My Superpowers are that I am the 3 F’s: Fun, Focused, a true Friend.

This is based on me asking some of my nearest & dearest to give me 3 words they’d use to describe me. The top recurring answers were: Loyal, Determined and Fun. Which immediately makes me think of a dog (one friend even said ‘Like a dog with a bone’)! So I WILL be there every step of the way & I WON’T give up on you.

Ps: If you ever need a pep me up, I highly recommend asking 1, 5, 20 people what positive attributes they associate with you. You will truly feel the love.

My Mission:

To empower women, to discover, know and feel their worth. To love who YOU are for your own uniqueness. To stop people-pleasing, stop hating on yourself and your body and succeed in bringing more joy into your daily being.

My Vision:

🔥 Women connected with their worth.
🔥 Women able to look beyond the mirror and love their body for all of its strength, capabilities and power … even the jiggly bits.
🔥 Women who STOP the judgement on themselves.
🔥 Women who STOP worrying about the opinions of everyone else and hear themselves.
🔥 Women who STOP the people-pleasing.
🔥 Women who have health, calm and space for themselves and to give to those they love the most.
🔥 Women lifting other women.

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